Transmission can deliver a cleaner energy future

Transmission delivers a clean energy future

With a modern grid, we can keep the lights on too

Dear Australia

Our electricity system is transforming at a rapid rate and more Australians want a reliable power system that keeps the lights on around the clock, especially during extreme weather events when we need it most.

We need to invest in transmission networks that are reliable, resilient, secure, robust and efficient to support the connection of new wind, solar and hydro generation and smart storage solutions that are waiting to be commissioned.

We should be using existing rights-of-way, and augmenting existing assets with smart high voltage direct current (HVDC) technology. Not only does this keep lifetime costs down, but it speeds up the time for renewable connections, powering new and exciting industries.

Where there is a need for new transmission, we should underground HVDC to eliminate risks from extreme weather and bushfire related events and significantly reduce our impact on the environment and regional communities. This will modernise Australia’s electricity grid in alignment with global trends.

We can cut hundreds of millions of tonnes of carbon emissions by optimising design solutions that minimise the number of transmission links needed.

Energy companies should listen to the needs of Australians; keeping the power on, protecting our lives, livelihoods and putting downward pressure on our environment by optimising our legacy infrastructure footprint to meet our future needs.

By working together, with smart thinking and technology, we can engineer resilience, safeguard reliability, reduce carbon emissions, encourage renewable generation investment, create new and exciting jobs and avoid unnecessary impacts on our economy and environment.

Welcome to a cleaner energy future.

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