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Darren Edwards

Darren Edwards

Energy Grid Alliance (EGA) engages with energy transmission companies, industry regulators, market operators, relevant peak bodies, government, and communities to establish best planning practices for new energy transmission infrastructure and to advocate the benefits of working with communities to acquire and maintain social license.

EGA was established following realisation that impacted communities were struggling to understand how to have their voices heard and how to participate in a project’s outcome. With a background in industrial design, project management, policy and strategy, Darren Edwards put his skills to work, developing tools to help communities better understand the processes, become more organised and open doors to the right decision makers.

We are a small team of volunteers, working collaboratively with the energy transmission industry to help develop best planning practices, transmission guidelines, and policy framework for new energy transmission projects. We advocate the need for and importance of early community involvement to acquire and maintain social licence.

EGA work alongside communities to help them understand and navigate complex policies, framework and processes associated with energy transmission projects. Communities we work with recognise the need for an effective and efficient transmission network to transfer energy generated in renewable energy zones but are concerned the impacts on environment and community are not being considered.

Some of our team live in the communities we support but independence and objectivity are fundamental principles that underpin our approach to all discussions and engagement around renewable energy transmission. We work for the mutual benefit of all stakeholders.

EGA is governed by a company constitution, but it does not operate for profit or charge any fees. Our team of volunteers have backgrounds in planning, design, policy, legal, finance and industrial sectors.

We will work to ensure:

  • Network operators are aware of their obligations for the protection of the environment and net benefit to all stakeholders, not just energy consumers
  • Lessons from other industries and early adopters of modern technology are shared with industry and key stakeholders to enable best design practices
  • Energy sector stakeholders understand that community engagement is key to the success of any major infrastructure project and is most successful when it establishes and delivers on clear expectations and provides communities the opportunity to influence decisions from the projects inception.

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Use experience and established networks in the renewable energy and/or transmission industries to form productive partnerships with industry stakeholders


Apply advocacy and/or change management approach to encourage the transmission industry to embrace community-led plans


Work with the transmission industry to improve community engagement practices, while helping the community understand the industry


Work collaboratively to ensure that the social license for REZs and transmission projects is established and maintained