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Darren Edwards

Darren Edwards

Energy Grid Alliance engages with electricity transmission companies, industry regulators, market operators, relevant peak bodies, government, and communities to establish best planning practices for new electricity transmission projects and to advocate the critical importance of policy, planning and meaningful engagement with communities to better facilitate acquisition and maintenance of social licence.

Energy Grid Alliance was established after becoming acutely aware that regional communities were struggling to have their voices heard and understand how to actively participate in a transmission projects development to best shape its outcome. With a background in industrial design, project management, policy development and strategic planning, I put my skills to work, developing tools to help communities better understand the processes, become more organised and open doors to the right decision makers.

In this context, Energy Grid Alliance (EGA) has been involved in examination of electricity transmission regulation and energy policy from environmental, socio-economic and social licence perspectives. EGA has published widely with respect to energy regulatory frameworks and policy across complex and multiple issues, with current research focusing on the laws, policies and objectives governing electricity transmission development. EGA is passionate about just and equitable transmission development for regional communities and have advised government, industry, local government and non-government organisations on issues relating to the energy transition, energy regulation, and policy.

EGA works collaboratively with the electricity transmission industry to help develop best practice planning guidelines, transmission development policy and framework to better facilitate delivery of new electricity transmission projects. EGA believes that engagement, when done well, improves social, environmental, and economic outcomes and increases trust in the democratic process. We advocate for all communities to be authentically engaged in decisions that affect them through education and increasing awareness of authentic engagement and all its benefits, in alignment with the IAP2 Quality Assurance Standard and Code of Ethics for Community and Stakeholder Engagement.

Energy Grid Alliance works alongside communities to help them understand and navigate complex policies, framework and processes associated with electricity transmission projects. Communities EGA works with recognise the need for an effective and efficient transmission network to transfer electricity generated in renewable energy zones but are concerned the impacts on environment and community are not being considered.

The EGA team lives in the regional communities they support but independence and objectivity are fundamental principles that underpin the approach to all discussions and engagement around renewable electricity transmission. EGA work for the mutual benefit of all stakeholders.

Energy Grid Alliance does not operate for profit, is not funded, and does not charge any fees. All time and efforts are volunteered as EGA is passionate about helping communities and the industry better navigate this once in a lifetime transition.

Energy Grid Alliance will work to ensure:

  • Network operators are aware of their obligations for the protection of the environment and net benefit to all stakeholders, not just electricity consumers
  • Lessons from other industries and early adopters of modern technology are shared with industry and key stakeholders to enable best design practices
  • Energy sector stakeholders understand that community engagement is key to the success of any major infrastructure project and is most successful when it establishes and delivers on clear expectations and provides communities the opportunity to influence decisions from the projects inception.

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Use experience and established networks in the renewable energy and/or transmission industries to form productive partnerships with industry stakeholders


Apply advocacy and/or change management approach to encourage policy development that considers climate, environment and society


Work with the transmission industry to improve community engagement practices, while helping the community understand the industry


Work collaboratively to ensure that the social licence for electricity transmission projects is acquired and maintained